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Will an Online GRE Course Prepare Me for the Test?

By Melanie On Apr 9, 2019 In  General GRE Study Plans 


With all the GRE resources available, it’s reasonable to wonder if an online GRE course is your best option. Many test-takers choose to use books or classroom instruction. However, when you evaluate the benefits of each method, studying for your GRE online is clearly the best option. Will an online GRE prep course prepare you for the test? Simply put, yes. And here’s why.

Personalized Instruction

Classroom GRE instruction follows a predetermined path with very few alterations, regardless of students’ needs. The only way to get personalized GRE instruction in person is to hire a personal tutor, which is costly and difficult. Additionally, a one-on-one tutor can only teach you what they know. Alternatively, an online GRE course offers the highest levels of instruction in every topic you’ll encounter. You can focus your online studies on the topics you need to address while moving past the topics you have mastered. In this way, you use your study time effectively and receive the unique instruction you need.


When you study in a group setting, such as a GRE prep class, the majority of the class determines its trajectory. This means that if you struggle with a concept or problem, there is no guarantee you will encounter it more than once in the classroom. In contrast, an online GRE course is individualized to your needs. This means the program allows you to repeat problems and instruction as many times as you require for mastery. There is no need to schedule a separate time to revisit difficult topics. Instead, simply pause the lesson or rewatch a previous segment.


In a group setting, instructors don’t have the time or ability to follow up on individual assessments. Similarly, taking practice tests on your own can show you your strengths and weaknesses but won’t provide you with the tools for growth. An online GRE course not only assesses your abilities and struggles, but it customizes your coursework to your individual needs. As you progress through the program, the course continues to assess your progress and target your growth opportunities. This constant adaptation is a unique benefit of online test prep and even mirrors the adaptive format of the computer-based exam.

Six-Point Guarantee

Online GRE courses are committed to your success. EmpowerGRE demonstrates this commitment through our six-point guarantee. Simply send us your official score report when you sign up and complete all of the EMPOWERgre lessons. If your score doesn't go up at least 6 points, we will send you a full month's refund! That’s how much we believe in the online test prep course we’ve created.

There are plenty of ways to get ready for the GRE. But if you’re looking for the most effective, convenient, affordable, and guaranteed path to your highest score, an online GRE course is for you. Interested in learning more? Check out the EmpowerGRE course tour for more information.