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Articles with "General GRE"
Studying for the GRE seems like a monumental task. Take comfort in knowing that many grad school hopefuls have slain this dragon before you! There is a way. Follow the steps of those who have gone before you. Even if you feel like you are just endlessly plodding along, you will get there!   Take a Practice GRE Test As nerve-wracking as it can be to take on a massive test that you don’t feel prepared to conquer yet, you need to establish a baseline for improvement. Take […]
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If you are considering a Masters of Business Administration degree, you may be surprised of the notable people have them. While advancing you edcuation will almost guarentee a more promising career path, receiving your MBA is just the starting point. While you may have different reasons why you want to obtain one, check out these notable figures who have already have the degree as their backgrounds might inspire you to do something big! Michael Bloomberg Name sound familiar? Michael Bloomberg is known for many things like serving as […]
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If you are thinking of entering into a business school, then you must prepare yourself for the GMAT, which is no easy task. With so many individuals working on furthering their education, there is no doubt that there are many GMAT prep courses out there, both online and traditional. Here are five signs a GMAT prep course knows what it’s doing and will really make the difference for you:  1. The right price. We’re just going to get this out of the way first: if you’re paying $1,000 […]
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The GMAT exam has been around for over 60 years and is accepted by more than 6,000 business and management programs worldwide. The Graduate Management Admission Test is used to assess reasoning skills that are important for success in MBA programs. Business schools trust the GMAT exam to make admission decisions which is why taking the exam is crucial to your acceptance. Decades of research has confirmed that the GMAT exam is reliable and valid at predicting your academic performance in graduate level business programs. The exam has four […]
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The best GMAT prep courses do a lot more than just throw sample questions at you. While knowing the kind of questions you will get can help, understanding how best to answer the questions is much more important. If you're taking the GMAT, a high score is key to your future success and you need the best training system possible. Here's what to look for to ensure that you get the best help:   1. Study plans for multiple schedules. Many GMAT prep courses consist of a single training plan […]
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According to  recent research conducted by the Graduate Management Admission Council , 2014 is looking bright for those with MBAs. The study involved a survey of 211 employers in 33 countries who are looking to hire MBAs next year, and the results showed that both employment rates and compensation rates will remain strong.   The Facts 72% of these employers are looking to hire MBA grads in 2014 – a small improvement over this year, which was 71%. Despite the fact that the job market in other […]
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It's impossible to browse the education section of a news site without stumbling across a higher education pessimist who thinks advancing one's education isn't worth it. For some degrees, they might even be right, but there are very few business school graduates who would be quick to agree with them. The Graduate Management Admission Council recently conducted a survey, and its findings were promising: nine out of every ten MBA holders who graduated in 2013 had found employment come September. While in 2009 the employment rate for those with […]
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