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Grad School Admission Consultants

Take the mystery out of the Statement of Purpose and the admissions process as a whole with a FREE 30 minute strategy session with the industry's top rated Admission Consultants, on us. Just select your schools and click submit, and a pro will help you define your unique application strategy. You can then hire your strategist to pefect your:

Essays + Resume + Interview + Letters of recommendation

EMPOWERgre has partnered with head professional admissions strategist and gifted writer Adam Rodgers to enable our clients stand out from the herd at the world's most competitve programs. He's helped applicants get into Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, MIT, and every other top-tier school in the world. To help make the most of your free 30 minute consultation, please take a moment to read a note from Adam, below.

Essay Consulting/Editing

includes strategy, brainstorming, editing, polishing and unlimited phone/e-mail consultation time

A Note From Adam Rodgers - Head Strategist:

Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go. – E.L. Doctorow As an admissions consultant for the last 18 years, I can think of no other idea that better crystallizes the process of applying to grad school. You’ve memorized the rankings. You’ve attended info sessions in the flesh and webinars as a virtual candidate, searching for a program that’s the best fit for you. You’ve denied yourself all semblance of a personal life, spending your time neck-deep in blogs searching for the Grad school equivalent of the Holy Grail – some type of insider knowledge that will ensure acceptance to a top school. At the end of the day, though, an admissions committee’s best chance to get to know the authentic “you” will come from the application essays, and it’s why I’m a big believer in starting that process as early as possible. Clarity, brevity, authenticity and humanity – these are the four principles all writers strive for in their work, and the simple fact is that achieving them takes time and effort.

Getting Started Early

In June, the best use of your energy is the exploration E.L. Doctorow describes above. We’ll select the schools you’re most excited about, clarify your professional goals and dreams, and brainstorm ideas for the core essays that business schools post in their applications year after year. In late June and July, as more and more schools release their new applications, we’ll begin the hard work of drafting and revising your essays. You’ll be in for a long, hot summer, made palatable by the knowledge that your material is getting better and more interesting week-by-week. In August and September, we’ll be refining your essays – customizing them for particular schools, trimming and polishing to fit the required wordlimits, and adding the grace notes that allow your own unique voice to emerge. By October, you’ll be poised to make your submissions in thefirst round, the one most likely to yield the best results, assuming the other elements of your package are where they need to be. Looking forward to meeting you all very soon – in the meantime, hang tough with your GRE prep, as performing well on the test continues to be the gateway to the best schools in the world!

All the best – Adam Rodgers | MBAApplicant.com